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  December 26, 2001

Happy Holidays from .visual.realms.! We trust the season is treating you well with lots of good laughter, love, and family and of course food. We anxiously await the new year and all of its promise of renewed excitement for life and opportunity.

:: NOW
Currently we are developing several promotional pieces that we hope to ship out early next year. Joseph is still testing with agencies throughout the LA and Orange county areas and plans to continue on this path until his book is bursting at the seams with striking imagery.

With the new year come new faces, new challenges and new opportunities with new models. Already we have half a dozen models booked for testing in the first few weeks of the new year. Look for new images to follow.

Quote from previous newsletter: "We have yet to put the finishing touches on our website, but we would like to give those of you who are interested, a glimpse of our ongoing efforts. Simply click on the link listed below and you will be taken to our latest design.
Keep in mind, the site is still under construction and currently...for your protection...none of the links actually work. Once we feel the site is at a publishable level...and safer...we will upload it to the root website for your browsing pleasure. We will keep you posted."...sorry, we just haven't had the time to bust it out. Hopefully soon.

:: SHOUT-OUT'S (from Joseph)
To all that have contacted me with positive support and feedback from my last newsletter, thank you. I hope to continue with this little update on a regular basis. Also, again, to everyone who has donated his or her time and materials, thank you. I couldn't have done it without you.

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