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  February 13, 2002

The new year has started out with some exciting things. Already some new faces, new looks and new locations have become a part of the busy schedule ahead. With a renewed commitment to achieving goals established in March of 2001, the future looks full of possibilities. Look for some exciting news and fresh photographs in the months to come.

:: NOW
As many of you already know, the promotional piece has been in development for the past weeks now. We toiled over numerous schemes and finally narrowed it down to just one. We are proud to say that the hard work has paid off. The promotional piece has been printed and is awaiting distribution. We'll keep you posted with it's release date.

It is finally here! We can, with a straight face, say that the website is finished to a publishable level. For those of you that did take the time to review the "glimpse" of our progress last month, we hope that you will be pleasantly surprised when you see what we've accomplished...it looks nothing like what we were planning. And for those of you that have yet to see our site, please take a second to stop by www.visualrealms.com and take a look around. It won't take long, it's only a few sections. Check back from time to time, we hope to update the site as frequent as photographs become available.

As always, comments, criticisms and general feedback is always welcome. We'd love to hear what you have to say.

:: SHOUT-OUT'S (from Joseph)

Thank you to those that have been involved with the promotional piece. The feedback was appreciated as well as needed. It would have been a much lonelier process on my own.

A special thanks to James Loy for his selfless feedback and guidance. He alone has been my link to the world of professional photography and art direction. If you get a free moment, see him on the web @ www.jamesloyphoto.com

Also, a special thanks to Andrew Craig from Digital Now. His quick turnaround and attention to detail has made the digital world a much friendlier place. Check him at 909.621.9949 for all your digital needs.

And of course to Kimia, her willingness to donate her time, dress up and freeze while shooting was much appreciated. Thank you Kimia.

Again to George Noh of Quest Photography. His assisting has made some of my more difficult location shots less painful for me. Not to mention his much appreciated input and feedback. Thanks George, I look forward to returning the favor.

To Tracy who has twice now been at my studio first thing in the morning with very short notice ready to do make-up and hair for an entire day's shoot. Thank you Tracy. Your work has been incredible.

To everyone that has donated his or her time and materials, again thank you. I trust that you have all taken away from the shoots as much as I have.

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