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  July 31, 2002

OK, so it took us a while to get you that May newsletter, what can we say... it's not like it was that long ago. We do have to admit, much has transpired since we wrote it 2 months ago. So we will try to keep you updated with more frequent/consistent newsletters... well, not as frequent as the last two, but on a regular basis anyway.

:: NOW
Well, although it has been a few months since the relocation of the photo studio, we have to confess, we still aren't completely settled in. In fact, not much has been done in the way of organization, but it'll happen... in time. We have, however, used the new studio several times now, with great success. Our latest image above was a product of the new studio... so it's getting there.

We did it... the promotional piece has been mailed. As of July 24th, the promotional piece has been circulating throughout the United States with 1,500 destination points. Catalogs, magazines, art buyers, art directors, cosmetics advertisers, department stores, ad agencies, etc. So keep your fingers crossed. Send up a little prayer. Think good thoughts. Whatever it takes, let's hope for some interest as a result of this promotional piece. For those of you that have not seen the card, here's what it looks like:

click on the image above to enlarge or go to:

OK, some of you have been bugging us about updates, well here it is. The "ebook" section of the website is up again and is now current... but not for long. New images are getting printed for the portfolio right now. As soon as they come this way, new images will be uploaded to the website, so stop by again soon.

Remember those "additional" photo sections that we told you about in the last newsletter, well they have yet to be tackled, but we are thinking about it. We've already narrowed down the images that will appear in that section, so check back often. It shouldn't be much longer. And if you haven't been to the site lately, please take a second, stop by www.visualrealms.com and take a look around. It won't take long; it's only a few sections. Check back from time to time, we hope to update it soon.

As always, comments, criticisms and general feedback is always welcome. We'd love to hear what you have to say.

:: SHOUT-OUT'S (from Joseph)
I'm not sure there is a creative way to say this over and over again, but I do feel very blessed that this section continues to be a part of this newsletter. It simply means that there are many kind souls out there willing to donate their time, materials and especially their patients. To all of you, thank you.

And as usual, here is a quote from the previous newsletters... A special thanks to James Loy for his selfless feedback and guidance. He alone has been my link to the world of professional photography and art direction. If you get a free moment, see him on the web @ www.jamesloyphoto.com

This time, a special thanks goes out to model Micaela Santos of Champagne Trott Model Management. Although she doesn't receive emails, I do want to give her a shout-out for her willingness to sit in 2 hours of traffic @ 5 p.m. on a Friday afternoon to get to my studio, shoot for 5 hours and then trek all the way back home... all of which were done after attending 2 castings, one in Santa Monica, the other in Los Angeles... quite the drive. Thanks Micaela.

And yes... the man, the myth, Mr. George Noh. Friend, photographer and assistant (pretty much in that order) has come through as usual. He has again donated his time, gasoline and energy, all while a bit under the weather, to be a part of my photography. He claims he learns a lot, but I think he just misses riding bikes to school together and figures this is an OK substitute. Thanks George.

To Victor Deltoro, my latest make-up artist discovery (actually, he found me) thank you for helping make this last shoot happen. I hope we can continue to create some beautiful images while pushing the envelope a bit. I look forward to our next shoot.

To everyone that has donated his or her time and materials, again thank you. I trust that you have all taken away from the shoots as much as I have.

Next time, look for model Gina Rossana. We have some amazing photographs to share with you. Again, thank you very much for taking the time to read this email. If you know of others who would be interested in this information, please forward this email and encourage them to subscribe to our email list online. Just go to: http://www.visualrealms.com/info.htm

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