Greetings from p-town, California (that's Pomona, CA for those of you who don't know where I'm located). It has indeed been quite some time since my last newsletter, nevertheless, here I am with plenty to share.

Seems like every time I put this newsletter together I have to rack my brain to remember what it is that is happening in the now that would be of interest to those of you who read this...

International Editorial

The first piece of news that comes to mind is my recent editorial to be published in 21 Magazine this coming June. 21 Magazine is a new international magazine geared towards... well, how about I let them give you the low down...

"21... A gaming and leisure lifestyle magazine that is like no other. In every issue of 21 we feature high end casinos, beautiful resorts, the best spas, gorgeous models, the who's who industry parties, fabulous fashions, extraordinary entertainers, five star culinary experiences, and more."

Although it isn't found on every news stand, 21 can be found at most higher end book stores, grocery stands... everywhere those who have money frequent. So look for 21's summer issue, flip through it, maybe even buy a couple copies, it might be worth something someday... after all my photographs are in it. For more information, visit their website at:


Promotional Piece II

Now I can't say for certain when this next promotional piece is due to debut, but my hope is that it will hit the desks of potential clients sometime before August. If you have a free moment, click on the links below to take a sneak peak of my second promotional piece. As always, comments are welcome. But be kind, my head still hurts from the countless hours I've put into this card. Not sure I want to make any changes at this point.

click on the image above to enlarge or go to:


A New Look

Most of you probably assosiate VisualRealms with me and the several different professional services I provide. Well, that may all change. As I slowly make the transition to providing only photographic services, visualrealms will slowly take a back seat to "Joseph W. Stampfl photography". Don't worry, visualrealms won't dissapear completely. I will likely keep the name and continue to use it as my website address. Although its not the easiest address for some people to spell, can't be any better. As you may have already noticed, I do have a new logo... if not, it's that orange colored thing at the top of this email. New business cards and stationarey are on the way, so if you are ever invoiced by me, keep your eyes pealed for the new look.

So what's the deal with my website you may ask? Well, it's still there. It just hasn't been updated in a while. Trust me, I want it cleaned up just as badly as many of you do... in due time, in due time. I do promise you this... by the time I get my next promotional piece sent out, the website will be updated. After all, my promo piece will have my web address on it, therefore potential clients will need to be able to view the site if interested. So keep your britches on, I'll get it done.

I'm not sure there is a creative way to say this over and over again, but I do feel very blessed that this section continues to be a part of this newsletter. It simply means that there are many kind souls out there willing to donate their time, materials and especially their patients. To all of you, thank you.

And as usual, here is a quote from the previous newsletters... A special thanks to James Loy for his selfless feedback and guidance. He alone has been my link to the world of professional photography and art direction. If you get a free moment, see him on the web @

This time, a special thanks goes out to Damien Aranda. He has devoted countless hours of design work, feedback & input... all in the name of advancing my career. Without him, I would still be struggling on the design of the new promotional piece, not to mention past party graphics, magazine layouts, logos, business cards and other misc. stuff. Thanks D, you da man!

I feel like I should rewrite this small shout out, but I'm not sure I can come up with a creative way to say thanks to George, so here's a quote from the past newsletter. "And yes... the man, the myth, Mr. George Noh. Friend, photographer and assistant (pretty much in that order) has come through as usual. He has again donated his time, gasoline and energy, all while a bit under the weather, to be a part of my photography. He claims he learns a lot, but I think he just misses riding bikes to school together and figures this is an OK substitute. Thanks George."

I'm fortunate this time to add someone new to my shout-out list. I'd like to say thanks to Paul Garcia of sPECTRUM Photography. He has been a great support at my last several shoots. Like George, he has donated his time, gasoline and hard work for nothing more than the hopes of experiences a medium sized production shoot. Granted he's hoping to score some coinage when I start making the big dollars, but free food for now don't hurt. Thanks Paul.

Another name to add to the list is Mike Sam. Mike was my wardrobe stylist on the 21 Magazine shoot. He did an amazing job. Without stylist like Mike, photo shoots would never happen. Mike you are amazing. I look forward to our OYE shoot.

And of course Victor Deltoro, although not always on time, he always comes through for me in the make-up and hair design. He has done some amazing things with our girls... just look at Joanna Krupa (she's the one with the frizzy hair), her hair is naturally straight... that took approx. 3 hours to accomplish. Thanks Victor.

To everyone that has donated his or her time and materials, again thank you. I trust that you have all taken away from the shoots as much as I have.

To be honest, I have no idea when the next newsletter will grace your inbox. Perhaps the infrequent newsletters show that I am so busy with work that I just can't tear myself away to update everyone... or maybe I'm just lazy. The former sounds better. Again, thank you very much for taking the time to read this email. If you know of others who would be interested in this information, please forward this email and encourage them to subscribe to my email list online. Just go to:

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