Hi Genine!

My name is Veronica. We met early last year at Madison Bistro (French bistro at 37th St. and Madison Avenue), where I worked as a bartender.  You were there with your colleague, Paul Reisman, and two other people; you gave me your card just in case I was interested in modeling for print.

I am following up with you to let you know, yes, I am very interested in doing commercial work for both print and/or television, if the interest on your part still exists. I have experience in both commercial and print work as well as acting and dancing, all primarily in the Philippines.  I had hoped to contact you sooner, but unfortunately, until recently, gathering my portfolio of past works in the Philippines was next to impossible and took several months.  During those months, in addition to accumulating my past works, I was able to assemble a small print portfolio that I would love for you to see.

Below are a few images from my current book. Each image is linked to a larger version; simply click on the image to take you to the larger image.

I am greatly hoping for your consideration and looking forward to meeting with you.

Thank you.

All the best,

Veronica Trono


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